PARTY TRUCK USA is a weekly podcast from angrynakedpat.com.

Hosts Brian Lynch, Jordy Bogguss, Brian Sadecki and Rich Monahan cover the world of pop culture, talking about movies to TV to comic books to music. They usually wind up making fun of any and all of them, and then each other, and then the listener. Also there is singing. Not too much, just enough. Maybe too much.


Party Truck card Brian BRIAN LYNCH is a screenwriter who has given the world the gift of BIG HELIUM DOG, ANGRY NAKED PAT, and four jokes each in SCARY MOVIE 3 and ROBOTS. He has written the comic book series SPIKE:ASYLUM, SPIKE:SHADOW PUPPETS, and has been tapped to co-write ANGEL:SEASON 6 by Joss Whedon.
Party Truck card Jordy JORDY BOGGUSS is the writer, director and star of the shorts BEER UNIVERSITY, SAVED BY THE BELL MYSTERIES, LIKE VICE LIKE VERSA, and the two-part GRASSMASTERS trilogy.
Party Truck card Sadecki BRIAN SADECKI is a founding member of Kickhead, a sketch comedy group located at kickhead.com, and featuring the awards pending shorts FAST SONG and HOMELESS GUNS. He runs reeldemos.com and the angrynakedpat.com site.
Party Truck card Rich RICHARD MONAHAN is a figment of Brian Sadecki’s imagination, and a jerk. Rich thinks hair dryers are for girls and that Hollwood should start over. He is also a founding member of Kickhead, but enough positive stuff, he thinks Robert DeNiro should have played Wolverine, what’s with that?