Party Truck Video Game Contest

It’s time for another Party Truck contest! If you could make a Party Truck video game, what would it be? What would it look like? Who are the bosses? What music is playing? Special powers? Combos? Make some pictures, why not! Send it over to and you could win two...


Movie Poster Contest Winners

Congratulations to James Hutchinson for his amazing poster of Count Vaguely. Your patch of questionable taste (along with a whole mess of comics) are on the way.   Check out the other amazing finalists:   by Dave Wight ...


Harry Potter/Lost/Lost World/Mad Men Crossover

Amazing crossover photoshop by confirmed pipe-swinger, Drew...


Spoiler Goose Contest Results

The results of Party Truck USA’s first ever contest are in! Congratulations, Max Pacheco! Yours is the definitive Spoiler Goose and you are the winner of a used copy of Maroon 5’s immortal debut album signed by all four members of Party Truck. Thank you, everyone, for your...


CONTEST: Design Spoiler Goose

Spoiler Goose is a character beloved by all and understood by few despite his handicap of being a disembodied honking noise that warns people about movie-ruining sentences. Well, no more! Party Truck is looking to you to design this potentially adored American icon in Party Truck’s first...