Episode 107: Grace Jones Ride Repair

In which we discuss: the Chillow, Goonies, Los Angeles Qs&A, the economics of porting retro video games, and Sadecki's venture into carneyhood.


Episode 106: Drumline War Crime

Episode 106: Drumline War Crime [ 58:21 ] Play NowPlay in Popup In which we discuss: Rich’s cabin fever, standing desks, Explosions in Jurassic Park, Team Sadecki: now and forever, Norm Macdonald, golfers with comedians’ names, personal pan pizzas: a thorough retrospective,...


Episode 105: Skarsgard Foreheads

In which we discuss: Self-Bonesing, Mucinex, sponjamas, Umbros, Jordy's March Madness bracket, naming Sadecki's fantasy baseball team, Leighton Meester eggs, Part of Your World, Rich embarrassing a child for no reason, Jurassic Park 3D, Simpson's Tapped Out.


Episode 104: Minimum Two Baby Daddies

In which we discuss: Sleep terrors, in class barfers, Cheaters' legacy, Batman '89, and North Korea.


Episode 103: RIP Grumpy Cat

In which we discuss: The Bachelor finale, medical marijuana, trending spree, pickle crazy, and the Party Truck curse.


Episode 102: Speed Weed

In which we discuss: the first Did-I-Do-That, Disneyland, text messaging and the decline of the human race, Jordy's SVU recap.


Episode 101: Discover Your Pleasures

In which we discuss: The Oscars, The Jordys, Guilty Pleasures or lack thereof, PB2, Chances Are, and Rich's possible repressions.


Episode 100: Omelet Juice

In which we discuss: car parking fiascos, auto-correcting texts, wrestling, Jordy's horrible business ventures, Coach interviews for a job, and the newest Bachelor update.


Episode 99: Mouth Sounds Impersonator

In which we discuss: NutriBullet, break out Lucille, the State of the Union, Jordy's Bachelor harem, The Walking Dead, Law & Order: SVU: Monster's Legacy, and Jimmy!


Episode 98: Lick It, Stick It, See Ya Later, Bye

In which we discuss: settling bets, snowboarding, Disney marathons, Super Bowl commercials, House of Cards, Scott Bakula, Bones.