Episode 97: Hollow Earth Dot Biz

In which we discuss: Fish McBites, pork futures, Jordy's back, Rich's nasty old The Crow t-shirt, Super Bowl bets, Sadecki's children's books.


Episode 96: Babyback Maps

In which we discuss: Lynch's spawn, Sadecki's new quest, the shrimp who stole Christmas, Space Team, white people in tsunamis, The Last Stand, and Stosh throwing his hat in the ring.


Episode 95: President Will Smith’s Kid

In which we discuss: Jordy's rollercoaster voice, Sadecki 3000, Best and Worst of 2012


Episode 94: Cramps Sizzleton

In which we discuss: Firing the first shot of our War on Christmas AND Hanukkah, Rich's Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Joke, Sadecki's Sneaky Pete review of the Hobbit, an enlightened conversation on 2012 documentaries, Simpsons Tapped Out addicts, Show concepts we will totally get around to doing, and much more.


Episode 93: Barbecue With Steaks

In which we discuss: Jurassic Park, Fifty Shades of Grey: The Fucking Finally Final Chapters, CatRich, Lynch's Phone Friend, and a very bad day.


Episode 92: Did you mean Stush Sadowski?

In which we discuss: the Weetabix theme park, Jordy's Doggy Corner, Stosh, the holidays, hangovers, E Cigarettes, the Home Alone series, Tapped Out, and Fifty Shades of Grey: Chapters 22 and 23.


Episode 91: How You Say?

In which we discuss: Ice Cube's Black Friday, Lynch and Jordy's Delusion trip, Blackout LA, not my president, Simpson's Tapped Out, Manhattan live read, Gangnam Style, Is It Wednesday Yet?, Jordy's Doggy Corner, Fifty Shades of Gray: Chapters 20 and 21.


Episode 90: Trevor?

In which we discuss: taking the reigns, Cage Match 2012, boozie movie brainstorms, election predictions, daylight savings, which STD is which, Blackout!, faces of death, puppy roasts, Book of Mormon, Mormon Mormons, the last segment where we wrap up the show, we all get in our cars and leave after that, I go home, make some chicken, not much more to report.


Episode 89: Spanking Raspberry Butts

In which we discuss: tongues in jars, Halloween costumes, BlackoutLA, elections, Jordy's Wikipedia page, favorite porns, Sadecki's hopes and dreams, Fifty Shades of Grey: Chapters 18-19, Law and Jorder, Hop scandals.


Episode 88: Factory of Nightmares

In which we discuss: Holiday SFX CDs, Halloween costumes, A Christmas Story museum, The Toy, Haunted Corn Maze, Gremlins, Super Mario Bros., the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, Delusion: A Haunted Play (if you don't want spoilers skip to 60:07), Fifty Shades of Grey: Chapters 17 & 18.