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Episode 47: The First Kiss Tastes Like Lemon? Marshmallow?: Grown-up

In which we discuss: Party Truck USB keys, The Ring, Brianne Sadecki, arm-rub situational awareness, Death Note, Love Hina, Lynch and Carrie’s meet-nerd, cars what eat food, Party Truck jingle contest, fitchykinsbustedatthiswebsite.com, how Rich copes with celebrity, Carmageddon, heywheresmybriansadeckiatiwonderatthiswebsite.com, time ripples, Waterworld pussies, zombie pool, Tracy Morgan, Harry Potter, the triple crossover, NASA closing up space, science stations, Jordy’s chocolate factory, the many TMNT theme songs, Rich Likes/Dislikes, Jordy’s Doggy Corner, Shame On You, What Does A Monster Sound Like?