Episode 50: Honey Tree Evil Eye Dec21

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Episode 50: Honey Tree Evil Eye

In which we discuss: Rich Little, Frank Travalena, Who’s Norm?, we should have a show, Steve Jobs, 2011 in memorium, Pete’s going to Jones, Princess Bride reading, Top Secret and David Zucker, Lynch goes cross-country, favorite states, the dog story, the other dog story, Lynch’s new Raphael comic, Rich is mistaken for Neil Patrick Harris, Vegas and tattoos, Darrel Hammond, Dan Akroyd and Blues Brothers, Bob shows up at Michael Keaton’s Q&A, our favorite PTUSA clips, Rich reads a poem about his dog, Hanover brooms, the long lost holiday special, power hour retrospective, Jeph Loeb, Catwoman innuendo, G4 not showing COPS for one half-hour, Albuquerque, truck nuts, Santa Paws and the something somethings, Spuds McKenzie, Joe Camel shorts, our Christmas wishes.